Live Podcasts!

Live Podcasts!

So, definitely didn't update this as regularly as I thought I would, but the year has been off to a mental start with real life stuff, so, sorry, but not really sorry etc. 

Anyway, I have got some new live podcasts planned, happening in July. One in Brisbane and the other in Melbourne! See all the details below!


Saturday July 9 - Crowbar Black, Brisbane (5pm, Free Entry)

Guests: Innez Tulloch (Deafcult), Rodney Holder (Music Business Facts Podcast), Adrian Kelly (NMA Management) 

Music from Shane Collins

Tinny Bar by Young Henrys


Saturday July 16 - Reverence Hotel, Melbourne (2pm, $10)

Podcast #1 guests: Natalie Hendry (Lecturer and Researcher), Ben Searle (The Bad Times Podcast), Meg Gallagher (Mixed Martial Artist)

Podcast #2 guests: Bec Reato (Deathproof PR), Pat Fox (Graphic Designer), Jelena Goluza (Outright)

Music from Hoodlum Shouts

Cheap Tinnies from Young Henrys


The Oblivious Maximus Podcast has announced it's second leap into the world of live podcasting this winter. Inviting crowds along to witness the controlled chaos, Oblivious Maximus will host two live shows to discuss music, life and most likely Michael Jackson or Eyehategod. Host Aaron Osborne will attempt to steer his eclectic mix of guests into sharing personal experience and knowledge about various elements of the music industry and being a part of the world of alternative music as a whole to help enlighten and entertain listeners, and attendees!

Following on from the inaugural live recording last November, Oblivious Maximus will be returning once again to the Reverence Hotel in Melbourne and adding a first time trip to Crowbar Black in Brisbane to have a beer-soaked conversation in Brisbane’s home of the heavy.

In the previous live installment, the focus of the podcast was quite defined. This OM will broaden the scope of conversation to include a wider panel of guests, and entertain the interests of more listeners. The podcasts aim to shed light on working within the music industry, being a part of an alternative community and contributing to the world of music, without that contribution being strictly musical.

The podcasts will once again feature musical guests , with Poison City Records legends Hoodlum Shouts providing the soundtrack for the Reverence show, and Gifthorse vocalist Shane Collins lending his solo acoustic crooning to the Crowbar Black conversation.

Young Henrys Brewery will be involved with both events, running a tinny bar and hosting giveaways,to provide the appropriate fuel for Aaron and his guests to get through a good chunk of chatter.

Welcome to the new website!

2016! Finally here, so with the new year, and with a bunch of new guests lined up, I figured I'd put together a better organised website with a few more features to it. For now, keep up to date with everything by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and as usual you can find all the latest episodes of the Podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher by searching for the Oblivious Maximus Podcast. 

I'll be posting on this blog from time to time to house other updates, so feel free to have a read if your ears are sick of hearing from me and your eyes need a workout instead!